Bourbon Infused Artisanal Coffee by Cabana Coffee Company


The Cabana Coffee Company’s Bourbon Infused Artisanal Coffee is unlike any brew you’ve tasted before.
Owner and master roaster Juan begins his process with rich, full flavored, coffee beans harvested from
South American rainforests and African valleys. Small batches of the ethically sourced beans are then
flavored in freshly emptied barrels of bourbon from the most exclusive distilleries in the Northeastern
United States.

The beans are expertly roasted, evaporating the alcohol and leaving behind a symphonyof bold saturated flavors. The result is a fusion of warm nuttiness beautifully balanced with sweet fruitflavors and topped with subtle hints of honey. With absolutely no artificial ingredients the Cabana Coffee Company’s Bourbon Infused Artisanal Coffee delivers a completely unique coffee experience to even the most sophisticated palette.


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